Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hi and welcome !

Hi and welcome to my blog :)

since I am completely new to this and have no idea whatsoever how to design a webpage ( yet) it`s kinda very amateur like but I kinda like the title.. I could not find a picture that was really any good so I`ll taking some and changing the outlay later . Any suggestions is very welcome since as I said I don`t know anything about designing a page .
First of all I`m not really sure how I wanna use this blog but I`m thinking kinda random thoughts and things that o cure in life that I might find interesting to write about and also subjects that interests me and was also thinking about uploading photos and videos that I have taken myself but also of music i like and so on, I guess I`ll find out as I go along then...

I guess I can write a little about my self first I am from Norway and has just moved back her after living 6 years in Chile ( Valparaiso mostly) , basically lost my belongings in the giant February 27. earthquake and so I decided to move back to Norway to try and make a fresh start. I am 35 , my husband is from Chile and I have 4 gorgeous kids who I love more then anything in this world ! I was hoping to use this blog to write and talk about the things that interests me and also hopefully get feedback from other people that are interested in the same sort of subjects or who just wanna comment on whatever it is I write, I am not accustomed to blogging so you will have to excuse me if this first post is a bit confusing, I`m sure I`ll get better ( or at least I hope so)... I think my biggest problem on keeping up this blog will be time , since my three youngest kids are still very small I don`t really have a lot of spear time, but if anyone actually bothers to read the stuff I write I will make an effort to keep this thing alive ... I will post this on my Facebook wall and hopefully some of my nearly 5000 Facebook friends will find it in their heart to follow this blog or at least try ! The once that have blogs on blog spot please let me know so that I can follow them as well as I am completely clueless to these things ( sorry)..

So... what are my interest then and what is the point to this blog ? First of all ! Sorry for writing in English I know most of the people that read this probably speak Spanish and I will make an effort to post in Spanish and English ( not Norwegian since everyone I know here understands English anyway ) Just that I need a bit more time to write in Spanish to correctly edit my grammar and stuff. (Does this page have translation , anyone knows ??)
... em mm .... where were I... ? oh yes my interests ! ( this is how I always write , completely spontaneous and I am sure very confusing and a bit annoying...sorry)
I guess I wonder a lot about life in general and so I tend to find anything that has to do with philosophy very interesting also I am very fascinated by the human mind and therefor read a lot of psychology .I am also very spiritually seeking and read a lot about religions and other spiritual matters. Have had my heart close to Buddhism for a very long time but have lately come to be very fascinated and taken by the Norse mythology . I am trying to keep an open mind about these matters and try to read about things and also hear people out before judging their view and religious belief , even tho I might strongly disagree. I would love to discuss these matters with people here and I will be very thankful for any comments on any subject I might write about . Just hope people will reply in a decent manner and that those who have been following me since my fotolog days just to try to write bad stuff about me that they please just give it a rest since I don`t even read the stuff they write me anymore :)
Ok so I`m hoping to post my first real topic later on today , as of now I have to go make dinner so I can`t really get started on anything right now. ok byebye and to my facebook friends please let me know about your blogs or add me here ok , see ya ;)

Besos !! Eva

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  1. Hola Eva, vi tu aviso en Facebook y te agregué enseguida :D :D :D, Saludos.